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Make Doing Your Own thing REAL!

Adopt a sustainable framework to thrive as an entrepreneur.

Representing Underrepresented Entrepreneurs Everywhere.

Envision the chance to retain a business strategist, agent, and publicist all in one – that’s what you gain when you hire Michael “Mic” Valentine.


Activate HFS today.

For more than twenty years, I’ve operated behind the scenes, dedicated to fostering the growth of businesses worldwide. However, in the wake of the pandemic, I’ve recognized the importance of stepping into the spotlight to champion publicity and forge strategic alliances for the startups I’ve long advised.

I’m committed to accommodating your budget, allowing you to essentially set your price. My goal is to assist in making your vision unmistakably clear. Let’s work together to achieve your objectives.

Mic Valentine

Publicist x Business Strategist

Our Formula is simple. We put plans in action and build strategic relationships to amplify your successes.

Public Relation

Experience transformative growth under the guidance of our Business Coach, dedicated to empowering organizations

Business Development

Benefit from personalized mentoring sessions that leverage industry expertise and cutting-edge insights

Strategic Relationship Development

Whether it’s refining leadership skills, optimizing workflows, or honing your business model, expect a personalized roadmap


Navigate hurdles with confidence as our your HFS agent provides unwavering support and holds you accountable to your objectives and making progress.

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